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The post Tooth extraction is one of the most important aspects of Tooth extraction care. Many people have a successful tooth extraction, only for them to neglect the tooth. The result is that one experiences delayed healing .The best thing to do is to find the best way possible for tooth extraction care so that healing is accelerated. What is one supposed to do?

The instant you are discharged, avoid smoking until 24 hours are over, if you are a smoker. Smoke is not good for your wound since it causes dry socket among other complications. The failure to clot on the wound is due to the smoking action where one inhales the pipe. If you can hold your smoking for longer than 24 hours, it would even be better. For instance, experts will advice that you take as long as 5 days so that the clotting takes place and the wound heals earlier than expected.

Do not take super cold foods. The same applied to the drinks. They interfere with the wound healing. The Tooth extraction care involve involves taking warm food that is also soft. As for the drinks, ensure that you do not take carbonated ones until 4 days are over. The use of straws is harmful when taking juice as this will interfere with the clotting. Use a glass instead of the straw.
When eating food, do not strain the side of the mouth since you are going to hurt the wound. If you can, use the other side and chew slowly. The chewing action and especially if you are eating hard food will affect the site.

Relaxation is perhaps one of the best Tooth extraction care you can have. Take a rest for a day where you are not going to engage in activities which will affect the site. Do not go for physically engaging activities .A bed rest is all that you need to improve to avoid complications.

Bleeding is common after the tooth extraction. It should however not go own for longer than the normal one day. To prevent bleeding, do not smoke or take anything with a straw. The gum should be protected from the bleeding by taking care of the site. Do not use hard toothbrush for the teeth. For the first 2 days, use a soft brush or of necessary, you can just use a mouth wash. The latter will kill bacteria which tend to multiply if the oral health is neglected.

Sometimes there are sutures in the site. If they are not taken care of, they will come out and as such, you will be forced to go back to the hospital to have them stitched back.

There are medications which you will be given to minimize pain as well as reduce infections. You will need to follow the instructions given by the doctor on how and when to take them. If the condition worsens, the best Tooth extraction care is to check back to hospital so that any complication is attended to at the earliest opportunity.


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