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Causes of tooth extraction infection

Dentist examining a patient's teeth in the dentist.

Once a tooth extraction has been carried out, there is a wound that is left. It is supposed to take around 2 weeks to heal completely; it can also take longer, depending on how you take care of it. The tooth extraction infection can occur due to a number of reasons. These will form the subject of out discussion.

Wrong extraction

The tooth extraction infection could result from poor extraction procedure. If the extraction is carried out by someone who is not an expert, then the risk of getting an infection increases. One is supposed to get the services of a professional so as to reduce the risk of an infection.

The oral hygiene after one starts home care will ultimately lead to an infection .One is supposed to use a mouth rinse to kill the bacteria that could cause infections in the area. One is supposed to observe the highest level of oral hygiene.

Failure to remove the wisdom tooth could lead to infection. The tooth becomes a bleeding ground for harmful bacteria. As a result, one will tend to suffer from various infections as well as tooth decay. There should be no delay in removing the tooth once it is confirmed to be impacted.

Dry socket

The dry socket is a common problem Tooth extraction infection and mostly occurs if clotting is prevented. The clot is washed off, exposing the area to the infection that is usually excruciatingly painful. The nerves and the bone that is lying beneath are exposed, leading to a painful condition. The area can also become infected since it is exposed to germs.
Low immunity in the body is a recipe of infection. Those whose health is compromised would likely suffer from various infections.

Sinus infection

The sinus cavity is affected especially when the upper wisdom tooth enters it. This should be a reminder that all will not be well until you have the impacted tooth is removed. The lack of space on the jaw line pushes the tooth to the sinus cavity.

Bleeding of gums

Due the Tooth extraction infection, the gum is affected to the extent that one suffers from swelling. When the gum is infected with bacteria, it becomes red and swells .A gum disease could arise such as periodontal disease. The other is known as periodontal disease.

Tumors and cysts

If the site of the tooth extraction is not well taken care of, one will have tumors and cysts. These are fluid-filled parts which form at the site. The fluid could be source of infection once they burst. One should be treated as soon as possible to prevent them from forming.

The tooth decay usually occurs because the food particles lodge themselves where the tooth is supposed to be removed. Bacteria will be found there, multiplying and leading to tooth decay.

The delay in healing is caused by infections and the interference with the clotting process. Once you also notice that you are bleeding longer than usual, you should medical treatment as there could be an infection.


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