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Commonly asked questions on dental extraction


People who have undergone Dental extraction or are planning to have one will always ask questions relating this procedure. The questions revolve around the care, pain medication and the food or drinks to take or avoid. This article will address some of the more commonly asked questions and give you the best answers.

What should I expect when I go for Dental extraction?

You will go to a dentist who will examine if you have an impacted tooth or you just need a normal tooth removal. In the case of the wisdom tooth extraction, an x-ray will be taken to determine the position of the tooth. Anaesthesia will be administered and you will be operated on.

Will I feel pain after the extraction?

There is usually pain though this depends on how the tooth was extracted. Once the tooth is pulled out, you will be given a gauze pad to soak the blood. There are medications given to manage the possible infections and at the same time, reduce pain.

What is dry socket?

This is a common symptom that is associated with Dental extraction. It arises after the tooth is extracted and there is a hole left in the site. This hole exposes the bone lying underneath as well as the nerves. In the event of an infection, there is excruciating pain felt in the area. The pain is considered to be more excruciating than the one felt during the tooth extraction. One would do anything to prevent it. Unfortunately, some people always do things which lead to dry socket. One of them is smoking.

After how long should I wait before I can drink?

It will depend on what you want to drink:

Water, juice and Gatorade

These can be taken a few hours after the Dental extraction. However, one should not rinse the, mouth with the water immediately after the extraction of the tooth. There is clot formation should not be interfered with.

Carbonated drinks

Keep off the carbonated drinks until the fourth day. These drinks include the soda and other fizzy drinks. They could interfere with the healing if they are taken too soon after the tooth has been removed.

After how long should I take alcohol?

We all want to enjoy a glass of wine after having the tooth pulled out. However, you will find that this should not be done soon after the extraction as the alcohol would interfere with the clotting, a precursor to healing. Give yourself around 24 hours before you take any alcohol.

Should I brush my teeth after the removal of the tooth?

The gum would still be fresh and delicate. Give yourself a day or so to allow the clotting to be complete. A saline solution would be suitable to rinse the mouth and remove bacteria.

What food what should I take?

The jaw should not be subjected to chewing foods at this point. The gelatin, soups and other softer foods should be taken in the first few days, before resuming the normal food.


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