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Dangers of smoking after wisdom teeth removal


Unless you are a smoker, this information will not have an effect on you. The smokers are the ones who should read to know what would happen in case of Smoking after wisdom teeth removal.

Smoking is a bad habit and you will find that in most cases, it is dissuaded and especially if you have a wound to nurse. After tooth extraction, you should not start smoking immediately. The following are the dangers you put yourself into:


The act of Smoking after wisdom teeth removal causes one to bleed in the site. The smoke interferes with the healing process. You should allow at least 24 hours before you take your first puff of cigarette.

Dry socket

The most serious impact of smoking soon after you have had your tooth removed is that you will end up with the above condition. After the removal of a tooth, the space that is left is the socket.

The open wound could become a source of infection .The pain is unbearably intense and one has to find a quick remedy. The chemicals in the cigarette smoke affect the healing in the wound, leading to this problem.

Sucking action

As you inhale the cigar, you hinder the clot formation on the site. The blood breaks down, leading to the dry socket as explained above. It would mean that you wait until the 24 hours or more have elapsed before you can consider smoking again. Some experts in fact advise that you give yourself a minimum of 5 days before starting to smoke.

Dislodging the clot

The action of sucking at the cigarette or sucking at a straw are both discouraged because they stop dislodge the clot that was forming on wound after tooth extraction.

Reduction in the blood flow

The action of Smoking after wisdom teeth removal will reduce the amount of blood flowing in and around the site. This could cause the blood pressure to rise, hence delaying the healing of the wound.

Closing of the wound

When you smoke and the wound had been sutured, it will take much longer before it could close. As such, one should avoid smoking until the wound has completely closed.

Extremely painful

Unless you are ready to bear the throbbing pain for days, you are best advised to avoid the smoking habit. In particular, the dry socket is excruciatingly painful.


The act of smoking causes the place to swell. It is therefore important that you avoid the cigarette smoking until the place has healed.


The chemical in the smoke will dissolve in the blood, leading to toxic reaction. This is the time that you find someone has some complications brought about by the poisonous effect of the smoke.

Additional treatment

Due to smoking, you may be required to seek further treatment. Complications could arise due to cigarette smoking.

When should you start smoking?

The timing, as we have seen, will vary. However, on average, give yourself at least a day. In other case, you might have to wait until 5 days later.


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