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Dental implants problems

Dentist and his assistant carrying out a thorough examination

The Dental implants do not always end without possible risks. Although they are not common, it does not mean that we should not take note of them. If the procedure is not done professionally, the following risks may arise:


The implant area may become the bleeding ground of the bacteria and other infections. Hygiene is paramount so that such infection does not arise. It is important to note that the site is a gaping hole before the implant is places inside the bone.

Damage or injury

The surrounding tissues, blood vessels and the teeth could be potentially affected. The nerves could also be damaged when the tooth is removed violently in a blow or when the Dental implant is being put in place.

The nerves which supply the teeth could be affected since they are sensitive to pressure. One way you will know that you have damage in the Dental implants is when you become numb in the area or experiences a tingling sensation. The problem could spread to the lips, chin and the gum.


A common problem with the dental implants is the sinus which arises when the implants protrude into the sinus.

There are many difficulties which come with Dental implants. Some have a lot to do with bad planning on the side of the dentist. The bone should be prepared after assessment so that the implant can be done as soon as possible.

The implant could be inserted loosely, hence run the risk of falling out. The problem is referred to as osseointegration failure. The implants are supposed to fuse with the bone naturally. However, this does not always go the way it was intended. There results a weak connection between the teeth jawbone and the implant. The teeth become weak to the extent that they move within their sockets.

Bone loss

The bone loss could result after the implant. This could be the reason for the osseointegration, though there are many other potential problems. One of the main reasons why it arises is that an inexperience dentist places the implant the wrong way inside the bone. The faulty alignment is the reason why the fusion between the bone and the implant does not take place to the next.


There is such a thing as overloading of the implant such that it places too much weight on the bone structure. When this happens, the teeth will become weak and you will not be able to use your implants well.

Tissue damage

The tissue surrounding the teeth could be damaged either during or after the implantation.


There could be a traumatic experience in the form of blow or force which could interfere with the healing process of the bone.


The gum around the site of the implant could become inflamed.

Fibrous tissue

There is fibrous capsule around the area which could affect the process of healing.

When these problems arise, there is need to correct them as soon as possible.


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