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Effects of wisdom teeth smoking


Unless you are ready for effects of wisdom teeth smoking, you should be careful not to smoke immediately after the tooth extraction.

The first major effect of wisdom teeth smoking is dry socket. The latter is an infection which occurs in the socket leading to excruciating pain. The smoke prevents the formation of clot and the nerves break down.

Tumors and cysts may form due to the effect of smoke. The nicotine in the cigarette has carcinogenic effects in the mouth and unless one is careful, these cysts and tumors could even turn out to be cancerous.

The delayed healing that occurs is as a result of starting to smoke before at least 24 hours are over. Where necessary, you should even extend the time around 5 days. The delay in healing could mean that instead of the usual 2 weeks, you would end up taking longer.


The wound will keep bleeding because the smoke from the cigarette interferes with the clotting of the blood.

Toxic effects

The cigarette smoke has poisonous substances which will dissolve in the blood, leading to poisoning.


The act of wisdom teeth smoking causes the gums to become inflamed. As such, one should as much as possible, avoid smoking until out of the woods.Inflammation weakens the gums, causing it to change colour and swell.

Periodontal diseases

The cytokines which are released when we smoke are responsible for the periodontal diseases. The bacterial action in the wisdom tooth increase the cytokine in the mouth and consequently, one suffers from this disease.

Dislodging of the blood clots

If you have watched someone smoking, they suck in the smoke while inhaling. This creates a kind of suction on the wound, if there was already clotting taking place, the clot will be remove and as such, the site will not heal. The purpose of clotting is to speed up the healing process. As long as the clotting process is hindered, one cannot heal in the site of the tooth extraction.

The smoke from the cigarette is not good for the blood vessels. It reduces the oxygen flow and instead, there is a lot of carbon in the mouth. The blood pressure will go up and you might end up with complications.


The pain the site is sharp and does not go away for as long as you are smoking. Those who have experienced the dry socket will tell you that it is unbearable. This problem is exacerbated by the smoking habit.

After how long should one start smoking after the tooth extraction?

There seems to be no consensus as to how long one should wait before resuming smoking. Although the standard waiting time is 24 hours, experts advise that you give yourself at least 5 days. The risks are too costly to take and therefore, extra caution should be taken.

Smoking when one is recovering from tooth extraction. In fact, it would be advisable that you do not smoke again since some of the side effects could be long term. One could for instance have bad breath and even swell in the lymph nodes.


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