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Factors affecting tooth extraction cost


If you are planning to have a single tooth or several of them, you will need to know what the Tooth extraction cost is. There is no standard cost for having the teeth extracted. The cost will vary from one dental clinic to the next.

Single tooth

The cost of the single tooth is around $1000, though this could go as high as $3000, depending on where the tooth is being removed.

Multiple teeth

Where you have several teeth to be removed, the Tooth extraction cost would increase. if one tooth costs you $1000 for instance,3 teeth will set you back by $3000.However,there are places where you will be charged as low $75 per tooth. It is important to note that the experience of the dentist and the location of the dental clinic cause this cost to vary as we have seen

Impacted teeth

The Tooth extraction cost for the impacted ones is usually higher than the normal teeth. As such, it would cost you much more to have the wisdom tooth to be removed than the normal front teeth.

There are many factors that affect the tooth extraction cost . For one, there is the consultation which will be charged to the total cost. Dentists charge differently, depending on the experience of the dentist.

Surgery cost

Where there are complications, the dentist will remove the teeth surgically. This increases the cost. Impacted teeth are usually removed through surgery.


The procedure of the teeth removal is done through anaesthesia .The purpose of the anesthesia is to numb the area to reduce pain. There is a separate cost for it adding to the cost by a significant margin. For instance, in some places, one can pay as much as $800 for the general anaesthesia.

Dental insurance

If you have a dental insurance, the cost will be reduced almost entirely. A good dental insurance will cater for up to 80% of the cost. This would mean that you will only bear 20% of the tooth extraction cost.


Sometimes the suturing is needed in the area of the tooth. There may be a follow up to remove the sutures. All this will involve a cost.

Post-op costs

Even after the tooth has been removed, there are complications which may arise. The dry socket is one problem that usually arises after the tooth is removed but the healing does not occur properly.


There is an x-ray cost which is for purposes of determining the location of the tooth to be removed. You will find that this cost is a separate from the normal fees for the tooth removal.

Ease of the teeth removal

Where the procedure is easy such as a simple tooth removal, the cost is reduced by the dentist.


Sometimes there is a discount offered for the removal of several teeth. The discount will reduce the amount that you will pay for the procedure.

The longer the procedure takes, the higher the cost and vice versa. If you are considering a tooth removal, it is important to be aware of the cost implications.


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