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Factors affecting wisdom tooth extraction cost


The wisdom tooth extraction cost is not the same as the usual tooth extraction. The patient should be thoroughly informed on what it takes to have the wisdom tooth removed. Generally speaking, there are 5 main things which will determine the wisdom tooth extraction cost.

The extraction process is the first one whereby we are looking at whether you are having a soft tissue extraction or hard tissue extraction. As you would expect, the later process is more laborious and hence, it will cost you much more than the former.
The dental surgeon will explain to you which process will be carried on you depending on the condition of the tooth. If it is seriously impacted, it will obviously be the hard tissue extraction and therefore you must budget well in advance for it.

The second factor is actually what has been explained above. A chipped or impacted wisdom tooth will demand more surgery time. The same applies to the ones that are located closer to the main veins supplying the tooth. This will not b your ordinary tooth extraction process and a specialist will be the one to carry out the operation. This will be an additional expenditure since the specialist will demand a higher fee to remove the wisdom tooth.


There are usually overheads which are not included in the wisdom tooth extraction cost. For instance, the dentist will send you to have an x-ray taken of the wisdom tooth. This will be an extra cost which will inflate the cost of the procedure.


The procedure will usually be done under any of the main type of anaesthesia. The local is much more expensive than the general or the sedatives. The cost of the anaesthesia is counted separately. If you pay $2500 for the wisdom tooth extraction, it will be exclusive of these overheads. Being aware of these additional costs will help to estimate how much it will cost for the entire procedure. Sometime, you will be required to return for check up, there are sutures and medications. All these will cost you money.


Do you have an insurance cover? Those who have an insurance cover will not feel the real weight of wisdom tooth extraction cost. The insurance company will cushion you from the main costs. However, the out-of-pocket payment will drain you financially. If you do not have an insurance cover, you can arrange for the available financing options which may be available.


The charges such as the consultation fee will largely be determined by the location of the surgeon. As would be expected, those dental clinics located in remote areas tend to charge extra due to the limited facilities. The ones in major towns and cities will charge less because of the competition and also because they are more accessible than the other ones in remote areas.

Being aware of the average wisdom tooth extraction cost is important. You can always ask for a quote before making up your mind.


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