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Facts on tooth pulled


Having the Tooth pulled is the same as the extraction of the tooth or tooth removal. The normal tooth is extracted or one can have the wisdom Tooth pulled. The following are important facts you should know after having your tooth removed.

It takes 2 hours to remove it

The wisdom tooth, not the ordinary tooth will take 2 hours to have it extracted. The time cans even b less if it is done by a professional. The impacted ones take longer than the soft tissue extraction. If there are complications, the process could take a little longer.

Healing takes 14 days

If you do not smoke or drink in the first few days, the healing process should take you no more than 2 weeks. The other thing you are not allowed to engage in is extraneous activity so that you do not bleed, delaying the healing.

You can eat after having the tooth pulled

Many people find it difficult to eat when they have a tooth extracted due to the pain. You will need to be innovative by not chewing with the side with the extracted tooth.Instead; you can chew with the other side of the mouth. The food is supposed to be soft so that you do not overwork the jaws.

You can smoke after 24 hours

The 24 hours period is the best time to wait after the removal of the tooth. This is because smoking soon after the removal affects the healing process and could lead to other complications like the dry socket.

It cost more for a wisdom tooth to be removed

The average cost of wisdom tooth removal is higher than that of the normal tooth. For a single tooth, you should ready to part with anything in the range of $200 to $500. The cost will vary from one dental clinic to the next. One should also be aware that there are overheads which are not inclusive of this cost. There will be anaesthesia and x-ray costs which will increase cost. The dental surgeon’s fee is also not included. If the other costs are included, you will find that the cost could be more than $1000.

The removal of the wisdom tooth is an oral surgery

The location of third molar, as it is also known as, is such that only through surgery cans one having the Tooth pulled. This makes the procedure long, complicated and expensive. A specialist will have to be called in to assist with the surgery and especially if it is an impacted.

It takes around 4 hours for clotting to take place

Once the tooth has been extracted, there will be a lot of blood coming out of the socket. The padded gauge provided at the clinic will help check the bleeding. In case it gets soaked in blood, one should replace it with a new one until clotting has taken place and there is no further bleeding. On average, 3-4 hours after the oral surgery is enough to have the blood clot at the site.


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