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Home remedies for tooth pain


Before tooth extraction, one stays at  home to nurse the affected tooth . Instead of the expensive medication, one can resort to the use of affordable, natural and effective home remedies for tooth pain. These are mostly ‘not-to-do’ thing rather than actual medications. The don’ts are as follows:

Don’t chew on the side

The side where the wound is located should not be subjected to the chewing action as one will experience pain and also affect the healing process. Use the other side to chew until such a time when the pain recedes. This should be done whether the paining tooth has been removed or not.

Don’t take hot things

Hot foods or drinks irritate the wound and or the tooth and may cause bleeding. Cool to warm foods are preferable but they should gelatine- like or pulpy.

Don’t take cold things

Refrigerated drinks are not the best as they will make the pain worse. Ensure any drink is at least warm, not chilled. The resultant pain when you take cold drinks is not a pleasant thing that you will like.

Don’t brush forcefully

The area where the tooth pain is located is very sensitive to external force applied on it. The bristles from a brush could interfere with the healing. Get softer bristles for a toothbrush. You can even choose to use a mouth rinse where necessary. The latter could be the best option for the first two days after a tooth extraction.

However, there are many home remedies which would help relieve you from the tooth pain.

A saline solution is what you need to end the throbbing pain. Swish a solution of warm water and water. The heat from the warm water and the salt are good remedies for this problem.

A dental floss is useful for removing the difficult to remove food particles lodged between the teeth. The tooth brush might hurt the gum, leading to severe pain.

Clove oil

If the tooth is still in place, the pain can be relieved by applying the clove oil to cotton ball and then you bite the cotton with the side where the paining tooth is located. Be careful not to apply too much clove oil as it usually has a burning effect to the mouth.


Yet another powerful remedy for the tooth pain is garlic. Chewing garlic at home will reduce the intensity of the pain significantly. This practice has been around for years and still finds relevance in the modern society.


Putting freshly chopped onions in the mouth will provide you with the relief that you need   from the pain in the tooth. All that you need to do is to place them near the source of the pain and it will be gone within a short time.

 Lemon juice

Either lime or lemon is effective in relieving the pain from the tooth. Simply cut a piece of the lemon or lime and bite them with the teeth close to the source of the pain.


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