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How to prevent dry socket


When you lose the blood in the area where a tooth has been removed such that the underlying nerves become visible, you will suffer from a condition known as dry socket. It is us usually very painful and therefore, one has to find a way to prevent dry socket. The following are the recommended ways of dealing with the condition.

To ensure the healing of the wound, the surgeon will   provide   mouthwashes which have anti-bacterial properties. The aim  of doing this is to kill bacteria which could be making  things worse for  .There are gels which could be used in place of the mouthwashes to prevent dry socket.

Antibiotics and antiseptic

These are taken orally to boost your immune system and especially if it has become compromised. In order to deal effectively with germs and fasten the healing of the wound, you will need an antiseptic solution which is applied on the wound.


There are some dressings with medication in them, which are provided for managing the wound.  The gauge pad is given to manage the bleeding but ensure that you replace it once it is socked with blood. The wound should be dressed so as to prevent infections in the site.

As always, prevention is better than cure. For this reason, you will require to take the following steps before surgery.

Oral surgeon

The experience of an oral surgeon matters a lot. If the surgeon is not experienced in the extraction of wisdom teeth or the other teeth, the risk of suffering from the dry socket increases. A qualified surgeon who has a lot of experience will on the other hand prevent dry socket.


Smoking raises the risk of dry socket, hence the need to stop till you have completely healed. Most smokers start smoking as soon as they are discharged. The smoke prevents the blood from clotting. When this happens, it gets dislodged and leaves the site. The nerves which are situated beneath the gum plus the bones are exposed. When this happens, you will suffer from the excruciatingly painful condition that we call the dry socket. In order to prevent dry socket, you will need to avoid smoking cigarette until at least 24 hours have expired.

Blood clotting

Blood clotting is an important aspect of recovery after the tooth extraction. However, sucking from a straw, taking hot/cold things, smoking, taking certain prescription drugs among others will stop the blood from clotting. All these could lead to dry socket. Talking to your oral surgeon about the drugs you are taking in particular so that you prevent the harmful effects they may have on the socket after tooth removal. You should also learn to take care of the site to prevent complications.


There are many activities which you should avoid as they exacerbate the condition.  Vigorous exercises are not the best for you as they might cause bleeding in the area.

When it comes to food, go for the soft ones as they will help to prevent injuries in the area.


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