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Impacted extraction tooth


The ordinary tooth removal does not have any complication. It is an outpatient procedure that is carried out in less than 2 hours. The impacted extraction tooth is a whole different thing altogether. Before we look at the procedure, we need to understand the whole process and why it should be done the right way.

The impacted tooth will in most cases revolve around the wisdom tooth. This tooth is known as the third molar. It grows last after the other 24 have already grown. There are usually 4 of them.

The tooth becomes impacted because the jawing is too hard for it to grow and emerge from it when this happens, the tooth will grow at an angle as it tries to emerge. It will not align or grow straight, hence the twisted appearance. The tooth could also be partially be hidden or not appear above the jaw line.

The extraction tooth process should be initiated before the tooth causes many problems. One of the problems is that you will swell on one side of the mouth. There are others like infection in the gum as well as the sinus cavity. The best way to address the problem is generally the extraction of the offending tooth. How is this done? The first thing is to ensure that its position has been   identified.

After the first appointment, the surgeon will ask you to take an x-ray to know how the tooth is positioned relative to the jaw line. The next thing is to have it removed.

The dental surgeon will give you a date when you are going to have the extraction tooth. The procedure is purely surgical in nature. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the expert who will be called upon to carry out the surgery.

The normal time for the surgery is supposed to be 3 hours. The dental surgeon will place you under anaesthesia and the tooth would be pulled. It is supposed to be pain free and save for any complication; you should be on the way home to nurse the wound.

The process may be short and quick if done by a professional.However; the healing process could be longer than anticipated. One should follow all the instructions given at the hospital in order to facilitate the healing.

Make use of the gauze pad provided so that there is no excessive blood coming from the wound. Have more than one pad so that once the first is full of blood, it is replaced with a fresh one.

There are many things that you should not do if you want to recover quickly after the extraction tooth. The first thing is that you should neither smoke not take alcohol before the first 24 hours are over. Both of these are going to prevent the normal clotting process.

Do not use a straw when taking drinks as this also interferes with the healing. Take drinks such as juice using glass to avoid these problems. Make a follow up with the surgeon on medication.


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