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Post tooth extraction care


The tooth extraction is only the job half done. There is the care that one should provide to the site until it has healed properly. There is pain, sutures to be removed and a host of possible complications and infections. All these can be avoided by speeding up the recovery process. The post tooth extraction care will involve any of the following:

Taking painkillers

You do not have to tolerate the intense pain following the surgery .There are medications which can be provided to reduce the pain. An ice pack is a good alternative as it numbs the pain. Place an ice pack against the site to relieve the pain.

Saline solution

In case of an infection, swelling or pain, a saline solution will help reduce the pain. A water solution will be prepared for this purpose. The rinsing should be done in a gentle way so that it does not in any way interfere with the clotting process.

Gauze pads

The wound will tend to bleed a lot after the tooth is removed. In order to control the bleeding, a gauze pad will be provided. If the bleeding continues for a while, the gauze will be soaked with blood. Have an extra pad to replace the blood-soaked ones.


Engaging in strenuous exercises after the tooth extraction is not recommended as it causes one to bleed a lot. Take time to relax indoors, only engaging in light duties until healing has taken place.


The dentist will tell you that you should avoid smoking at least in the first 72 hours after the tooth extraction. Smoke contains carcinogenic compound which interfere with the normal healing. The sucking of the cigarette stops the clotting of blood in the site; hence you will not heal on time.

The worst case of smoking when you are healing from the wound is that you run the risk of suffering from the dry socket, a very painful condition.  The latter occurs when the socket exposes the bone and there is an infection. The malodour and pain are the two main symptoms of the condition.


For the first few days, avoid hard foods. Instead, the diet should contain the gelatine foods like thick soup and pudding. The harder ones force you to chew, which interferes with the healing process.


When sleeping or lying down, ensure that you are not in a flat position as this will cause more bleeding to take place. To prevent it from taking place, ensure that you support the head with a cushion.


The mouth should be kept in hygienic condition by rinsing it with a mouth wash. This will help to kill the germs which cause infections. You should not role your tongue on the wound as this will affect the healing process.


Any sucking motion would be detrimental to the wound. Avoid using straws or smoking as they both involve sucking.

The brushing of the teeth should resume as soon as they would has healed substantially. This would help prevent the bristles from hurting the site.


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