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Should you drinking after tooth extraction?


After the question on smoking cigarette, the other commonly asked question is whether it is in order for  one to indulge in alcohol drinking after tooth extraction. Whether you are considering taking a glass of wine or a whisky, you will need to look first at the implication of your action.

 Is it safe?

Alcohol is just as harmful is the cigarette smoke and should be avoided some hours after the tooth extraction. The reason why you should avoid alcohol within 24 hours after the tooth removal is that it prevents clotting of blood, hence delaying the healing process.

The mouth is not usually ready to come into contact with anything, whether hot or cold within the first 24 hours. As such, the drinking after tooth extraction should wait for an at least a day. Foods or drinks which are consistent in the mouth are not suitable. Keep off water at least for the few hours after the tooth extraction. The rinsing of the mouth could potentially affect your healing process at this juncture.


The other reason for not drinking after tooth extraction is the fact that there are drugs for relieving pain as well as reducing infections. These drugs are very strong and will therefore tend to have contraindication when mixed with alcohol. When you drink while taking the drugs, this could potentially lead to toxicity and possible ill health. Until you are done with taking with the drugs, no drinking of alcohol should take place without the doctor’s advice.

Wisdom tooth removal

After removing the wisdom tooth, give yourself a reasonable time of 24 hours before you can comfortably take a glass of wine while you relax at home. You will find that there is always that temptation to drink but this should not arise when   you know the possible risk your action could pose to your health.

When we talk about drinking after tooth extraction, it is not necessarily the alcohol alone. There are other drinks which one should be careful with after the extraction of the tooth. There are beverages one can take after a while.

Milk, water and juice are usually the best but they should however avoid taking them too soon after the extraction. The carbonated ones like soda are not the best as the carbon in them is not suitable. If you must take the carbonated drinks, give yourself at least 96 hours or 4 days. At least by around this time, the wound will have healed well to tolerate the strong, carbonated drinks.

When taking these carbonated drinks, drink directly from the bottles or pour your drink in a glass. The sucking action using as straw is not suitable for the wound as to stops the clotting process from taking process.

The blood clots are not supposed to be disturbed since this would slow down the healing process. A dry socket may result from this sucking of the straw. It is important to know the right timing for taking drinks.


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