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Tooth extraction cost without insurance vs. with insurance


The cost of tooth extraction is high. The single tooth could set you back by anything between $200 and $500. Yet this figure does not include:

  • The consultation
  • Dental surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthesia
  • X-ray
  • Medication
  • Suturing
  • Follow-up cost

If one includes all these costs together and add them to the tooth extraction cost without insurance, you will realize that the figure could exceed $1000. The cost is not what the average person will afford. In order to appreciate just how expensive this could, compare it with the when you have the dental insurance.

The tooth extraction cost without insurance would mean that you pay all the above listed costs out of pocket. On the other hand, the dental insurance cushions you from nearly all these costs. For instance, you could end up paying only 20% of the cost whilst the remainder or 80% is catered by the insurance company.

The tooth extraction cost without insurance will be personal burden. What would happen if you do not have a budget for it? It would mean that you either you borrow from friends or take a loan. Both of these latter suggestions are not the best and especially if you have more than one tooth you want to have removed: you might end in a financial quagmire.

The dental insurance is the safest best for you because you do not have to worry about the cost. The only thing that you will have to do is to inform your insurance company your intention that you are having a tooth extracted.

 It is difficult to plan for tooth extraction if you do not have the insurance .The cost is unpredictable and therefore the budget could shoot, sometimes forcing you to postpone the operation until you have raised the requisite figure. If the problem, you would definitely be in deep problems as you would have to raise the amount on the short notice. This could be very inconveniencing to you. On the other hand, the insurance cover works all day and night, giving you all the convenience that you need.

What   should you do in case of tooth extraction cost without insurance?

If you do not have an insurance cover, this should not sound a death knell on your plans to have your tooth removed. Many dental clinics make financing arrangements. This would mean that you would a financing option.

If you are very lucky, you will only pay part of the money as deposit and the rest in the form of instalment .This makes things easier for you and especially if you do not have a lump sum. If the dental clinic does not have the financing facility, you can search online until you find one.

You should also look for cheaper alternatives .The dental clinics in urban areas are cheaper because of the availability and competition. Ask for a discount   and also avoid unnecessary. When all these fail, the  one without insurance would have to be the way to go.


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