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Toothache causes and symptoms


When you have a toothache, there are many things which could have contributed to it. In this article, we are going to look at the various causes and the symptoms.

Sharp pain

The first symptom that one shows is sharp pain that does not seem to go away.  The pain may last for days and one only gets a relief after taking pain relievers. Once the pain reliever wears off, the throbbing pain resumes.

The tooth pain could arise as result of pressure which occurs on the affected tooth. One will avoid touching the tooth area due to the intense pain.


Apart from the gums becoming painful, the affected area also swells. When you notice that one side of the face has swelled, the possible culprit is the toothache.

Bad taste

There is usually a bad taste in the mouth which usually results from a bacterial infection in the tooth.

Headache and fever

One will usually experience a lot of headache accompanied by a fever.

The above are the symptoms of a toothache but the question remains: what causes it?

Tooth decay

The ache in the tooth does not just come like that. It is as a result of cavities forming in the tooth. Due to the cavity, on will suffer from tooth decay.


The root of our teeth is usually susceptible to infections. When this part of the tooth is infected, we tend to suffer from the intense pain.

Broken teeth

When our teeth are chipped or broken, the pain is felt since the tooth becomes weak, exposing the delicate inner such as the nerves. The broken tooth could also mean that the tissues surrounding it are damaged, hence the pain.

Fillings getting damaged

The purpose of the fillings is to protect the damaged tooth from exposure to the air. When these fillings come out or get damaged, the nerve endings are exposed to the air. As a result of the exposure, one experiences a lot of pain in the affected tooth as well as the surrounding area.

Chewing action

The chewing action could cause a lot of pain and especially if you have an infected tooth. Grinding harder foods for instance could affect the gum and the surrounding tissue.  The motions when one s chewing or grinding could cause a lot of pain in the affected tooth.

Gum diseases

One could be suffering from infections on the gum, hence the pain. A tooth that is attached to an infected gum will ache due to the infection. A gum disease like gingivitis could cause the tooth to ache.

There are things that we do which do not necessary cause the pain but trigger toothache. The first one is taken very cold or refrigerated foods. They cause contraction and expansion in the teeth, hence pain. Drinks also cause the problem; hence one should avoid them until the problem is treated.

If you have a sweet tooth, you should be prepared to suffer from pain in the tooth. Pressure in the tooth as well as biting on hard things also causes the problem.


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