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What happens after wisdom tooth extraction?


Many people are usually not prepared for what awaits them after wisdom tooth extraction. It is not usually a smooth ride and therefore one has to be ready for the following:

The pain

The pain will be experienced until the healing starts to  takes place. The pain comes from the site since the nerves will have been damaged and will be starting to heal. The dry socket is the cause of the most pain and one will be forced to take medications to calm the pain. There are painkillers which the patient will be provided to relieve the pain.


It is expected that one will bleed in the area. This is for the simple reason that one will have damaged tissues and nerves. It is important that one has a padded gauge to control the bleeding. The gauge should be replaced as soon as it soaks in the blood. One is advised to bite on it so that it remains in place. Ordinarily, the bleeding should stop within 24 hours. If it goes on after the stipulated 24 hours, one should seek medical attention as there could be a medical complication.


It is common to become numb in the mouth. The anaesthesia may not have worn off completely after the wisdom tooth extraction. Many people accidently bite the tongue, lip or cheek. One could end up causing a personal injury due to the numbness. It is advisable to try as much as possible not to bite their mouth until the numbness ends.

Lying position will have an impact on the bleeding. If you are going to sleep, it is best to support the head as opposed to sleeping in a flat position. The latter cause’s blood to flow in the mouth hence continued bleeding.

The bleeding can be controlled via use of an ice pack. Simply place one against the cheek where the pain is being felt. The numbness will calm the pain and at the same time reduce the bleeding.


The site of the wisdom tooth extraction tends to swell due to infection or inflammation on the gum. When this happens, you will need to control the swelling by taking care of the wound. Bacterial infection is responsible for the swelling in the area. Taking anti-bacterial infection will help check on the swelling.

 Delayed healing

The healing will not take place as soon as one expects. The reasons include smoking, drinking alcohol and taking foods which are hard. It is advisable that one avoids smoking or drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks within the first 24 hours. This is because they cause they tend to dislodge the blood clots forming in the area.

 Sucking using a straw is also not a good thing as it prevents the blood from clotting and this could mean that you wait a little bit longer before the wound heals.

 An infection could result after wisdom tooth extraction. The infection could be due to poor hygiene in the mouth.


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