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What is dental implantation?


Implantation basically refers to a titanium tooth-like material that is surgically put inside where another has been removed to enable the dentist to place a replacement. It is similar to a tooth root and as such it is much firmer than the denture.

Commonly asked questions about the implants

One common question is on the durability of the implant. If well taken care of well, it is supposed to be for a lifetime and especially if one is over 45 years of age. The only part that suffers wear and tear over the years is the crown, hence the need to replace it. The replacement of the crown will typically take anything from 10 to 15 years.

The cost of the implantation will vary from one place to another but will on average set you back by around $4250 for the entire process. There are incidental costs such as the x-ray, cost of the appointment and the separate cost of the crown. If you are having a single tooth replacement on the other hand, it will cost you anything between $1000 and $3000.

Material used to make the dental implantation

The titanium is the main material used to make the implant. It is the material of choice because apart from being sturdy, it is high compatible to the extent that the chances of being rejected are low. It fuses very well with the bone, hence offering a perfect replacement for the natural tooth.

A fixed bridge or the abutment is used which is a reference to the teeth that are used to attach the partial teeth or the dentures.

The dental bridges are not permanent and therefore require to be replaced after around 5-7 years .If one takes care of the dental bridges well, you will realize that they can be permanent.

Single tooth implant

The commonest type of tooth implantation is for the single tooth. A blow to the mouth, a road accident, infection among other reasons could cause you to lose a tooth. This tooth will require to be replaced. Your dentist will make a surgical operation in the space, the root is inserted there and then crown follows. The crown looks like the natural tooth and one may actually not tell the difference with the natural teeth.

For this process to be effected, the jawbone must be adequate so that the root can find a place to attach to. For those with small bone surface, a bone grafting procedure is carried out. The success of this procedure is to a large extent affected by the nature of the teeth. If they are healthy, the implant will be firm and will last for years. If on the other hand the surrounding tissues are weak, they will not provide the required strength.

Once the process is completed successfully, you will require a number of days to heal. The procedure itself can take long because it will involve surgery before placing the crown. One implant can take 5 months ad where bone is to be grafted, a year on the minimum.


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