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Why dry socket wisdom teeth is more painful than tooth extraction

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Have you had your tooth extracted lately? You probably felt   a lot of pain. However, the dry socket wisdom teeth are unlike anything you have experienced before. Those who have had their wisdom teeth removed admit that the pain is worse. One might ask the question why dry socket wisdom teeth are worse than the normal tooth removal. Here are the possible reasons:

The dry socket wisdom teeth results because once the tooth is removed, there is a socket which is basically a hole. There is a network of nerves beneath the gum. Clotting starts to take place. However, smoking or   sucking with a straw is some of the things which prevent clotting from taking place. The blood vessels get dislodged, clearing from the site. The bone and the nerves get exposed, leading to the painful condition that we are now calling the dry socket.

 Air and raw nerves is a recipe for a serious pain. The pain is so intense that you would do anything to contain it. Unfortunately, people create it through the things that they do. The following are some of the things which encourage the dry socket wisdom teeth.


Ordinarily, one is supposed to take a break from smoking for the next 24 hours after having the wisdom tooth extracted. The smoke from the cigarette prevents clotting from taking place. The dry socket results from the fact that once the blood clots are dislodged, the inside of the socket is bared to the air. The smoke is carcinogenic as well; its harmful chemicals could lead to poisoning when absorbed in   the body. Experts in fact argue that you should take around 5 days instead of the 24 hours before you can resume smoking. If you can, smoking should be avoided for good.

It is not just the smoke which is responsible for dry socket wisdom teeth. The way we inhale the cigarette through sucking is responsible for the dry socket problem. When you suck, you remove the clotting blood that is on the tooth.  This is one of the reasons why one should suspend smoking until the wound has healed.

Hard food

The other reason why we suffer from the condition is that hard food forces one top exercise the jaw. The movement of the jaw causes the places to bleed and at the same time, prevents clotting from taking place.


People who engage in physically demanding activities suffer from the dry socket. You should relax for the first few days until the wound has healed. The exercises cause bleeding. The dental surgeon will advise you to avoid any activity until a few days have lapsed.


Once the wisdom tooth has been removed, ensure that you don’t take any over-the-counter medications unless the doctor advises you to take them. Some medications have an effect of causing you to bleed, hence delaying the healing.

The wisdom tooth is also known as the third molar. If the tooth is compacted, you have to be operated in order to be removed.


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